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Refreshed. Sort of.

Posted by edwel on October 4, 2009

Woooop! What a great start back to the year. The bar is back! It’s now open mondays-thursdays from 2pm. Drinks are cheap too and cans are being served – things are on the up! What recession?! The big event this week of course was the Back to the Future Freshers ball. I think it was a great night, especially the 50’s swing band – made the night for me.

Class rep, post grad and equality nominations were on all this week. Voting for class rep and post grads take place on tuesday and wednesday (6th and 7th) and the equality officer election will take place the following monday and tuesday. Make sure you get out and vote! And for all class reps, training will take place on Saturday 10th.

Had some important meetings this week. Two most important were the AFI Steering group committee and University Standards Committee (which was on at 9am after the ball and lasted 2 and a half hours!).

That was my week in a nutshell. Enjoy clubs and socs!


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More like DISorientation!

Posted by edwel on September 26, 2009

Wow! What a whirlwind of a week! So this week, we had all of the new freshers in. And it was such an unbelievable feeling, that’s so hard to describe.

All of our hard work and planning over the summer finally came together on Sunday evening with our res party. Music and good times were had out in the courtyard in Larkfield. During the week then, we gave speech after speech and tour after tour, showing the freshers the insider scoop of campus. Monday we were all locked, with the lock and key night and county/country colors on tuesday. We had the moondance ball on wednesday in the helix! From what I can remember, it was a great night enjoyed by all! The week was finished off then with the hypnotist and the ceili. All and all, a fantastic start to the year!

Didn’t have any meetings this week, but have quite a few to catch up on next week. Freshers week promises to be even more crazy, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Oh one other thing. Nomination forms for class reps, postgrad positions and the equality officer are available monday. Voting is on clubs and socs day (6th and 7th) with voting for equality on the following monday and tuesday. Be sure to come up and ask us whats involved if you’re interested and be doubly sure to get out and vote!

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All kicks off!

Posted by edwel on September 20, 2009

Hey there! Long time no post. I’m very sorry about that. I guess the main reasons behind the lack of posting were a) there wasn’t much going down around the universtity up until the last few weeks b)I had unfortunately had repeats to get done and c) all we have been mainly doing is a lot of planning for the year ahead. I’m not going to ruin some of the surprises, but lets just say there’s some kickass stuff on the way!

Orientation week is this so its all go! Be sure to check out the Moondance Ball on Wednesday. And of course the various other nights of the week. Fresher week higlight will be of course the Back to the Future ball, but there’ll be amble on all week. Be sure to check out for more.

For those who had repeats, I hope you all got what you wanted and congratulations if you did. If you were in any way disappointed, be sure and call up to me or fire me off an email and we’ll see what we can do. Closing date for appeals isn’t until Tues 29th, so there’s time enough to get something done.

For some boring stuff – I had education committee last week. A big issue that seems to be going to be pushed this year is a more unified system of feedback, whereby students can give feedback to their lecturers on teaching methods, material etc and also for them to give feedback to students on say assignments, attendence etc. Will keep you posted on that one.

That’s all for now. Hopefully will have far more regular updates now that it’s all kicking off!

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Grind giveaway

Posted by edwel on July 20, 2009

I finally managed to get the grinds database up and running! I got a lot of emails which took up most of my time this week. If anyone still needs any grinds (or wants to give some) be sure and drop me a line.

Met Anne Morrissey this week, she’s working for the university on creating a more sustainable DCU. We told all about our green week and they’ll be delighted to get involved so hopefully this year we’ll have a fantastic green week.

Missed a day this week too due to a cold 😦 All better now though!

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Grinding through the week

Posted by edwel on July 11, 2009

Alan went off to India this week on his holidays leaving myself and Melanie to hold the fort. Spent most of monday and tuesday replying to emails and helping out people who had failed an exam. Mostly looking for appeal information. Student experience committee on tuesday. This was great! Chaired by Richard O Kennedy, it takes feedback from students and makes decsions and takes actions based on this feedback. Main things to come out of at this meeting are the new induction booklets that can be programme customised and the staff-student charter that will hopefully apply university wide.

Had a blitz tour with Claire Bohan on wednesday. She showed us around all the departments that make up Student Support and Development which include INTRA, international office, careers, interfaith centre and more. We also discussed the orientation week timetable and what we’re doing etc. Finished off the week by getting the ball rolling on updating the grinds database. So once I’ve gotten plenty of people who are willing to be offer grinds, I’ll put them up on offer

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Coffee buzz

Posted by edwel on July 5, 2009

This week, we asked over a lot of different people from the university for coffee. It was mainly just to introduce ourselves as the new Students’ Union, tell people what we plan for the year and see what they want for the year and how we can help each other out where possible. As a result, we were quite twitchy from all the coffee! Most people were very friendly and receptive and it’s great to know that we can just pick up the phone or send an email if there’s going to be a problem or an issue. Check out the calendar on the right for a full list of peeps. Just a quick note on the calendar – its just basically what meetings I have so people know where I’m at if I’m not in the office!

Results also came out! Spent a lot of time helping people out, answering emails etc. If anyone still needs any help, by all means, give me a shout!

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2 Down, 50 to go

Posted by edwel on June 27, 2009

I guess the first week consisted of us settling in to the offices and seeing what was what. I did my best to get my head around all the different committees that I sit on what each of them does. Also spent a lot of time just sorting out files in the office, sorting out the computer etc. Had three meetings this week: a day long Governing Authority (which I will no longer sit on due to a gender imbalance caused by Susan’s departure), a meeting on implementing a feedback mechanism on portal pages and disciplinary at the end of the week.

Week two involved a fair bit of planning and quite a few meetings:
-At the start of the week we sat down with Shea and worked out a rough outline for the year ahead. If things fall in to place, it could shape up to be a great year!
-Went to an open discussion on Academic Flexibility and Choice chaired by the VP for learning and innovation Richard O Kennedy. Quite an interesting debate and I think it got everyone in the room thinking.
-Met with ISS on tuesday, they wanted to discuss their upcoming projects, most interesting of which is of course the new email system which should be in place for 2010. Hopefully we’ll all be on gmail!
-On wednesday, attended a memorandum signing between DCU and Special Olympics Ireland, which recognized the great relationship between the two bodies. Also met with Helena Ahern, head of the counseling service in DCU.
-Had a Uaneen Module committee meeting on thursday. It was really to see how the module can continue to be promoted and the best ways to get more people involved.
– Met with Una discuss general office plans on friday! Paul from Niteline also payed me a visit. We discussed where DCU was at with Niteline and a general overview whats going on for the year.

And in the midst of all that we made about 20 appointments for people to come see us next week!

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Posted by edwel on June 25, 2009

I have to say a very big thanks to Niall, Dave and espeically Susan. For the first two weeks in June, these guys took us under their wing and imparted all of their knowledge to us. They really were so great and it makes life for us so much easier in these first weeks. Susan had an awful lot to teach me about the role and I cannot thank her enough for her support. I also got my first taste of some high level committees during those two weeks, including Academic Council and University Standards Committee. There’s a full section in this blog (it’s a work in progress!) on what committees I sit on and what they do, so take a look to see what’s what.

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Starting off

Posted by edwel on June 25, 2009

Hi there! My name is John Murphy and I’m the new Deputy President/Education & Welfare officer in the DCU Students’ Union. I’m starting off this blog for for several reasons. Firstly, I hope a blog will help me seem more approachable and that students can feel the can come to me with any issues or queries that they might have. Even if you just want a general chat, by all means, get in touch! And even if you’re not a student, by all means, get in touch!

I want to keep students up to date on what I’m doing on a weekly basis. I hope this blog can give people a better idea of the work I do and indeed, the work the Students’ Union does as a whole. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback on what we’re doing, we certainly welcome them. We’re always looking to improve!

That’s the general jist of what I want to do. I hope people get some use of this blog and that we all have a great year to come! As I said, I welcome any feedback and I’m always here if you want a chat!

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